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Once upon a time, agefotostock had a private social area for photographers and people interested in taking pictures. It was a brilliant place, friendly, warm and informative. It allowed us to talk about photography, the stock photography business, and our business concerns securely, personally. It was called YAMMER. It was developed by "iluminados" when the communities on the Internet started. One day Microsoft bought YAMMER, and as the owners of the Data Base of YAMMER, they removed our administration capacity, and we could not convince them to get back to us all our years of conversations, debates, confrontations, and fun... (More)
Two basic but vital things in stock photography 1 - Postproduction A photo with the appropriate exposure, brightness and color always stands out from the rest. Maybe the day the photo was taken was not the best, or the exposure was a bit short in the shot. Post-production helps us review those details and improve our photos with color, color, color. 2 – Documentation We can have the most wonderful photo in the world, bright and creative, but without good documentation it is like a ship adrift. The photos are searched for their documentation, and a photo that only indicates... (More)